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[12:15] de M0ODV:Are there any cluster network that blocks re-spots??? and G1 calls?
[12:14] de M0ODV:Any cluster that blocks re-spots???
[11:13] de IZ8EEL:5T5OK Where are on 24940?????????
[09:22] de 9A3SM:DX 7142 9A2SC/P Supetar is. CI-463, 9aff-0026, NOT IOTA
[08:28] de M0ODV:Use the DX cluster correctly
[08:07] de DJ2PJ:F6DCQ: "long pass" = football; "long path" = propagation...
[02:22] de KW4BY:3.815 Kp4 Health and welfare traffic ,in well
[02:18] de K7IDX:61F Calm Ovcst
[00:28] de KW4BY:correction on addy
[00:27] de KW4BY:American Red Cross 1 mail pse into kp4 wealfare
[13:48] de N4DSP:Illegal Mexican SSB QSO on 14030.0
[13:26] de OE7SEL:5a1al 100 % qsling
[07:54] de IT9VCE-9:lightning thunderstorms , danger qrx few min
[05:16] de RN6LHH:rq7n
[04:54] de VK6MMB:59+ Into Manjimup
[22:10] de KW4BY:Maria Storm link
[20:48] de K5ZZR:Rare Kent County in TXQP
[20:30] de I1APQ:pirate, no doubt, but leaves room for a good/ill omen...
[15:42] de KW4BY:14.270 Kp4 h/w outgoing traffic
[13:59] de KC4TVZ:Someone in Europe please have the A61 Station move off of 14.265. Emergency Frequency.
[13:57] de KC4TVZ:Europe please keep 14.265 clean. NA handling emergency traffic.
[13:51] de KW4BY:hp9sam 14.265 h/w kp4,j7
[13:32] de & oz2dxc QSL and MGR Database has been UPDATED !!!!!!
[13:17] de IK6SIO:Are HD8M qrt ?? Tnx for info 73 ik6sio
[10:02] de EA3KU-9:24 mhz seems its open to midle east and indian ocean from EA. FB signals there in FT8
[08:47] de DD2DF:OP.: OE6KAE viel Spass bei der Feuerwehr
[06:59] de F6HTS:73
[06:44] de I5FLN:RFF502 Iis not in the WWFF Directory
[00:58] de KA1MAP:calling cq
[22:07] de DD5XX:What's the deal on 7.170 with P5/3Z9DX ? real? fake?
[21:32] de N1API:12 Meters open for FT8!
[20:14] de KW4BY:kp4 h/w on 14.275 also
[19:47] de OH1MRR:OK6DJ How much I wish :)
[19:02] de M0ODV:G1TDN spotting his log again TX-73S
[18:39] de IK6SIO:Is HD8M go qrt ?? Today no on air !! Tnx info ik6sio
[16:50] de LA7Q:The command WX will send a local weather announcement. (WX Sunny and Warm)
[14:49] de KW4BY:wp4sd 14265 h/w traffic
[14:49] de G3SML:Pse 5t5ok is possible 12 mt ssb...?
[14:21] de SP4YR:to AA8N sir 0 and o makes a big diffrence
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