14 marzo, 2017

QSLing to a SWL

I'm part of this fantastic world as SWL from 1996. I'm not an OM (Old Man), just a simple SWL.

QSLing is important for me, I like to receive confirm from stations around the world that I've heard on HF and over Satellites. Sometimes I receive QSLs back from stations that don't accept reports from a SWL basically saying wich follows:

  1.  About 59: Please report your correct RS(T)!!
    - I'm in Italy, I have many aerials on my rooftop (verticals, dipoles , yagis) good radios for HF and up and good quality coax too. If I'll receive you 59 on 40m SSB I'll write 59 on QSL. If your are in French Polynesia on 15m CW you can bet your car that signal was no more than S2-3 on my Vertical so the RST on QSL will be 399. I'll always write real signal report on my log. What's wrong?

  2. About cluster: not heard, you took my callsign from dxcluster!!
    - I'll never log my QSO from dxcluster, what's my hobby about? I turn my VFO and listen. Sometimes, when I'll find some interesting/rare station, I'll spot on cluster, nothing more.

  3. Not on log!
    - Sometimes I can hear a bad callsign, during contests (yes, as SWL we can do contests too..), busy DXPeditions or simply the signal was very low. But, sometimes I'll record audio of what I hear to put rare stations on my website. And that's what's happened few times: not on log because the station only check if I had QSO with him. But I'm an SWL, it's pretty hard for you to find my callsign on your logbook. Result: sorry, not on log. Reply: Ur welcome, that's you on XX band on xxDate.


When you receive a QSL from a Sort Wave Listener, take a look at his QSL, understand what's written and if you trust: reply!

We are not 2nd class stations, we are SWL. That's the pure sense of this post.

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